The old traditional methods and reproduction procedures of engraving, have not changed significantly since the 14th century. The means remain simple, but the procedures are complex in relation to precision and technique.
That is why SCMPress has studied a series of presses, that are solid and precise instruments, that also adapt to the contemporary exigencies thanks to continuos and efficient innovation.

The presses are the result of a continuos technological development, that does not betrays the tradition. This presses are appreciated by art professionals because of the scrupulous specialization with which they are produced.
By the laborious press activities, because of the stability and render capacity.
And by students and Art Academies, because of the advantageous price of the entry models.

The union between the professionalism of the mechanical technique, (guaranteed by industrial quality standards in material perfecting that makes them resistant to use and time), experience in the sector, (continuously monitored and supported by the advice of teachers and artists, that collaborate with us in a useful interchange of ideas), besides the study in design, guarantee precision and modernity, simplicity of use and efficient

Our presses are also easy to transport, thanks to the reduced global weight and the dynamic study of the components.

The various models can be based on the specific requirements, predisposing different variants for every singular exigency, and there are present versatile machines conformed for woodcut, etchings and collography.

Our presses are produced in Italy individually, with expertise and scrupulously, we also accept orders for specific requests.